Thai Taro Custard





(Mor Kaeng Pheuak)


A traditional Thai dessert found by Marie Guimar de Pinha (ท้าวทองกีบม้า), wife of Constantine Phaulkon (เจ้าพระยา วิชาเยนทร์) the first Counselor of King Narai of Ayutthaya, who introduced the use of sugar and eggs in the making of Thai desserts. 


With sugar and eggs, the taro and coconut cream together create richness in flavour which made the dessert popular among the upper class until it began to spread out to the lower class. The dessert has now specifically become a notable representative of Phetchaburi, a lower central province of Thailand. 

Another unqiueness is the intended burnt surface. Our baking methods follow the time-honoured Thai traditions and techniques that help bring forth savouriness in both flavour and smell. 

As a side note, this type of custard can also be in other flavours other than Taro as well. However, in her best interest for customers, Patchmon has decided to specifically use taro because of its valuable quality.

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