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Steamed Pandanus Cake

Kha-Nohm Thuay Tuay Steamed Pandanus Cake by Patchmon's Thai Dessert, Toronto, Ontraio, Canada

(Kha-Nhom Thuay)


This Thai dessert is often found in the daily life of local Thai citizens from all levels of social classes since the ancient time. The name derived from the porcelain thimble cup (Thuay Ta-Lai) that holds the dessert while being steamed. The dessert being named after the container that holds it makes its name literally means "cup dessert."

Steamed pandanus cake has two distinct layers: a white layer of coconut cream on top and a flavourful green layer of pandanus and palm sugar mixture at the bottom. As a whole, the two layers contribute to a unique sweet and salty taste that will make you fall in love with the dessert in a short time!




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