Mung Bean Assorted Mock Fruits

Look Choup Look Choub Mung Bean Assorted Mock Fruits Yolks by Patchmon's Thai Dessert, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

An array of Look Choup on a tray for a Thai wedding. 




These cute little fruit desserts are made from mung bean paste with coconut cream. These fruit-shaped mung bean are painted individually by hand for its colours. Then, they are taken to dip in agar-agar for its shiny coating. These desserts are labour-intensive and time-consuming which are the reasons why they are auspicious desserts to reflect the patience, the intricacy, as well as, the love that is put into this dessert-making process. 

*Only available as a premium set of $35 for 32 pieces
- Tax is already included.

- Sorry, we do not sell at a smaller number.

- Minimum of ONE WEEK advance ordering only. 

- Maximum of 3 orders will be accepted per week of pick-up.

- Pick-Up Dates: Friday and Saturday of the Week