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 The First Thai Desserts Store in Canada! 

Patchmon's Thai Desserts & More bakery shop was officially established in 2015. The first day the store officially opened to the public was on the 29th of April, 2015. We are a family run business that aims to deliver a traditional Thai desserts experience to all that are curious about authentic Thai desserts. We hope to expand the public's knowledge about Thai culture through the new lens of Thai desserts. 


Whether you're new or already experienced with Thai desserts, we recommend you to visit our store first and try some samples of our Thai desserts; Thai desserts range in variety of tastes and in unique combination between savoury and sweets; so, it is best that you come in and try the samples offered. Thai desserts are work of delicacy, patience, and creativity. Each procedure requires careful monitoring, and some require fermentation over certain period of time. Thus, not all items are available on the daily basis. However, we aim to showcase different Thai desserts on every Saturday that are not available on daily basis during the week. We always welcome a suggestion for which Thai dessert we should feature on the weekend; feel free to leave us a message through email, Facebook page, or our Twitter account. 


Our Patchmon's Thai Desserts & More are proud to be representives of the Thai community in sharing a new aspect of Thai culture through these authentic and traditional desserts and snacks that one would be able to find in Thailand. 


Thank you for all those that take times to visit us in store or to simply scroll through this website. We hope you enjoy this new experience. Thank you.


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